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Supply Chain Engineering is an international provider of products and services that automate “supply chains”, whether solely within your business or potentially including all of your external business relationships.

We call internal supply chain projects "supply chain automation" projects, and business to business projects are identified as "supply chain collaboration" projects.

To us, every department within a company is part of a supply chain, even if only to other departments.

It is intuitive that when a business automates manual processes, with the intelligence to know when an exception error occurs, and what to do about it, and communicating to the necessary business units and business partners, then every “link” in the supply chain becomes stronger and becomes a more committed and effective/efficient partner. The strength of the link, and the overall value a business realizes, is usually determined by how many internal and external partners are involved—this is the Wal-Mart model! Don’t think it works? Skeptical? Just wait a few years and see what their marketshare is—and the marketshare of the suppliers who are being literally forced along for the ride!

In this relatively new form of business, where information is shared between departments and between numerous other businesses, Supply Chain Engineering provides leading edge, high-tech solutions that enable companies to maintain a competitive edge.

We absolutely and constantly strive to be the most creative and effective company that helps other companies realize the benefits of automation and data collection systems.

We have to, because we guarantee our customers see the benefits, and it costs us money when that doesn’t happen! You will not find a company with so much desire to instill enough confidence in you to not even question who you will go to for future "projects".

With such low risk why not give us a try?




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