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2001 Q2


The Microsoft XP operating system, scheduled for release late this year or earler 2002, will provide support for 802.11b wireless networking, but has scrapped plans for supporting Bluetooth and HomeRF. This is a strong indication that the 802.11b specification will prevail at the cost of other wireless technologies. This makes sense, as there is no other wireless technology that can even come close to offering the funcionality, speed, interoperability, and access locations that 802.11b provides.

Dartmouth University now provides 802.11b wireless access to the students and faculty anywhere on the campus. Several other universities, and even public and private K-12 schools have announced similar implementations. Many justify the move in cost savings when compared to wiring the facilities and by enabling "mobile" computer labs. Others simply want to ensure the students are always connected to the resources that will enhance their educational experience. Many educational facilities are requiring students to possess laptops or handheld devices.

MerchantWired Inc., a company providing Internet access to retailers in 302 malls nationally, is implementing wireless networks in some of the malls allowing inventory control, e-training, and point-of-sale services. These retailers, and many others, will be able to make the cash register portable by scanning credit cards and accepting signatures anywhere in their stores.


Wireless standards are already developed, specifically the 11Mbit IEEE802.11b and 54Mbit IEEE802.11a standards, and ongoing testing occurs to ensure devices from different manufacturers will work together. This interoperability of equipment means that new wireless installations will occur everyday in places it was not even conceived of until recently. The whole point of public access wireless networking is to offer consumers options with regard to where and how they communicate. These applications are only just beginning to be explored. To date, hundreds of airports, hotels, and convention centers have installed wireless public access networks.


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